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bone•mon•gous | 'bonmongous |

• A rogue penis that has taken a boner to the extreme; to the extent that the word 'boner' can no longer be used to accurately describe an erect penis.

• An epic boner that only the manliest men can achieve : A boner among boners.

• Describes an erection based on the degree of desperation for orgasm. Has little to do with the actual size of the phallus, but rather describes the feel of a raging boner; When ordering the slangs for erection in urgency, bonmongous is considerably more important than a normal or average boner. e.g., flaccid, stiffy, boner, bonmongous.

ORIGIN 2007 (originally Canada): based on BONER and HUMONGOUS

'Watching the fine acting of Kevin Costner in the wondrous cinematic experience, 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' (especially the scene where he is bathing in the river and you catch a glimpse of his muscular buttocks) creates a bonmongous occurrence in my banana hammock.'

'Oh shit! I sprung another bonmongous. It can't just be tucked into the wasteband of my tighties like a regular boner, I have no choice but to stick my junk out proudly.'

'Your boner lacks the prominency of which my bonmongous proudly exudes.
ps. prominency isn't the only thing my bonmongous exudes.'

'My bonmongous brings all the bitches to the yard, and they're like, "It's bigger than yours, damn right it's bigger than yours." '
додав Jables. 17 Листопад 2007

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