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An article of clothing worn around the neck, usually considered tacky unless you happen to be a Time Lord.
I wear a bowtie now. Bowties are cool.
додав Charmify 4 Червень 2011
78 16
(Verb) When one tittyfucks a girl upside down, letting there balls rest on the girls neck comfortably. Therefore, resembling in the look of a bowtie.
"Yo, I gave Hayley a bowtie last night. It was awesome!"
додав Tu madre! 12 Грудень 2006
119 63
A formal piece of clothing worn by men, and has no perverted sexual meaning, whatsoever. It has nothing to do with sex positions, manuvers, or anything related. Just a piece of clothing usually worn with a suit or tuxedo.
1. Hey, that Bow Tie looks great on your tuxedo.

2. Hey, this word doesn't have anything to do with sex.

3. 95% of things on this site are sex-related. wtf, u pervs.
додав mynameiswilly 21 Травень 2009
79 26
a incredibly fashionable and sexy clothing item worn around the neck. often worn at formal occasions but also as a growing fashion statement with the alternate youth
i love to wear a red bow tie in school
додав john griffon 15 Вересень 2006
80 42
another word for a chevy, and/or its the logos name for chevrolet
just a nice guy in a bowtie...oh and fords suck
додав FoSho 4 Травень 2005
88 50
Synonymous with cool. See fez.
"Bow ties are cool."
додав Doctor whom? 29 Жовтень 2012
32 4
The coolest clothing item.

Only accessory cooler than a fez.
"I wear a bow tie now. Bow ties are cool!"
додав 1026cm 6 Вересень 2013
11 0