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A place where two male co-workers go hiking to have an intimate five hour conversation which later sprouts rumors of a homosexual romance at the workplace.
"Did you hear that Armando and Gerry went hiking together? I think they went to Brokeback Hill"
додав Eva Gabor 13 Грудень 2013

Слова пов'язані з brokeback hill

brokeback mountain gay butt brother homo little people midgets sex straight
Broke-Back-Hill is deprived of both Bellmont Hill, and the newest Hollywood blockbuster movie about gay cowboys, Broke Back Mountain.
I go to Broke-Back-Hill and I like cowboys.
додав Mountian Boy 11 Лютий 2006
When two gay cowboy midgets have gay sex and are forced to hide it from society.
I know I love you, my little man, but I am afraid of this brokeback hill situation.
додав virus29 5 Березень 2006