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Brokencyde, also known as BC13, is a four-piece crunkcore group from Albuquerque.

The band's music has the ability to make your ears bleed and make you want to cut yourself.
"Best porn ever? Click!"
-music from brokencyde plays-
додав rrrrrraaaaacccchhheel 15 Липень 2009
This is pure ear rape.
Who in the hell can stand this goddamn emofag music who talk about being 'crunk'?!

Seriously, bullshitty music.

"Languishing in misogyny while reaping commercial success, screamo crunksters BrokenCYDE are upon us like a disease. Digitalised vocals and probing lyrics about sucking dick make for a tedious hour while "Shut up and sit, get on your knees girl suck you bitch!" is just offensive! Its easy to doubt the albums worth, but its so fantastically dumb, especially 'I'm Sorry', where the idiot savants sing: "Rain drips, the rain drops drip". Mikl may feel that "after we have sex we'll probably get attatched" but having your ears raped by this shit will only leave a bad taste in your mouth... and probably gonorrhoea."

Bottom line people,

BrokenCYDE fucking suck.
додав Randy(;...;) 14 Серпень 2009
A group from New Mexico who are widely despised because of their music. However, Alot of people like them. Mostly "scene kids" who are made fun of. Brokencyde still manages to make it through. They have many fans but will most likely not be around for a while.
"Brokencyde rocks!"
"What the shit are you talking about?!"
додав I dunnnno. :) 15 Травень 2010
Four men who makes utterly horrendous noise from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Brokencyde (noun): a shrill, excruciating, high-pitched sound, often confused with the sound of two cats fucking. It will make the deaf cry, babies want to crawl back inside their mothers, it will turn men into serial killers, and often puts chills down your spine. At first all you can do is laugh, but after 30 seconds you often find yourself with a face of such horror that you will literally run away screaming to the kitchen where you will tear out your eyes, ears and throat with a salad fork and pour acid down your throat to help 'take away the pain'.
Jim: Hi mike

Mike: Hey Jim how's it goin'?

Jim: Not good, could you come over later and help me pour hot boiling acid down my throat and face?

Mike: WHY?!!??!?!!?!

Jim: I was forced to listen to Brokencyde

Mike: Oh..No problem, want to just do it now?
додав Dennys Menus 30 Вересень 2009
A wigger crunk group, they have two people they show the most, more the screamer who is the crunk singer meaning he's going to be shouting shit like "FUCK YOU" in there. Imagine Drake or Jay Sean, then imagine Lil Jon screaming while they're singing, thats Brokencyde. They have two other members who don't show up as often, but they're better then the main members which makes you wonder if they're not featured as much to make the main two guys look bad.

But, yah they're wigger incarnate, they aren't Paul Wall where at least he has some street cred and respect, they're just suburban kids with chains talking about having a hard life and sex.
Oh Baby I love you WRAAAAAAAGGGGGGH IMMA STICK MA DICK IN YA MOUTH Oh lemme touch you! FUCKING BITCH SUCK MY DICK - perfect example of a made up Brokencyde song.
додав DunnoAskAgainLaterPLease 25 Червень 2010
Just like the worst thing ever.
Person1: Dear look at these poor starving africans on the T.V.
Person2: It could be worse, they could be at a brokencyde gig.
додав taylortheory 2 Лютий 2011
a thing most worthy of being utterly ignored, forgotten, and expunged from all personal and collective consciousness.

i'm sorry, did you say something?
додав fearfeasog 21 Січень 2011