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any man whom is not of the ''baltic anglo-saxon race'' but found in ofcourse all races ..an is the most UNDER APPRICIATED but in my opinion the MOST BEAUTIFUL eye color found in a man ..it brings out there dark handsome masculine side with there bold stair and there dark black hair =D an there way of getting to you with just a glance in your eyes
***where as blue eyed sufer boys who are verry common in the media scene''brad pitt''are more appriciated sadly over the brown eyed man... personally a girl who prefers a brown eyed man (like me) would perfer johnny depp over leo dicaprio
or david krumholtz over Hayden Christensen =D !
''David Krumholtz is a sexy brown eyed man.''
''I know i watch numb3rs all the time''
додав kenzbabiesmama 18 Червень 2008

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