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a usually unpopular girl, generally frigid but gives the air of a sex pro, fat pasty faced and often found hanging out in childrens play areas after dark, they prey on men they know they will never attract without the offer of exotic sex they will never deliver.
oh my god, look at that bushmutt, she's 28 and still hangin round the slides!
додав fuddumpton 3 Травень 2007

Слова пов'язані з bushmutt

bush mutt bushmut bushmutter bushpig dog fat haggard hairy messy mutt slag ugly chick
An ugly woman that could resemble the likes of a haggard old dog that just emerged from days in the woods.
Desheveled woman walks into the room... "holy shit, check out the bush mutt that just walked in..."
додав Southpaw666 26 Лютий 2012