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A particularly soft bowel movement, usually diarrhea-like.
After a hard night of drinking, I was a butt mud factory.
додав Webster 18 Квітень 2004
43 5
Wet fart
додав Swinkster 30 Березень 2003
18 6
the primary mortar ingredient found in the crack of the ass, used as the cement to hold dingleberries together.
mom to child: make sure you wipe the butt-mud out of your crack
додав Snarfer 3 Січень 2006
20 12
butterscotch pudding from the rectum
i went buttmud all over your face while you were sleeping , sorry
додав Montezuma's 17 Вересень 2006
8 1
Shit, feces.
Tom spread buttmud all over Jane's face.
додав Big TDogg 25 Лютий 2004
6 0
A sludge like matter that flows from one's anal crack, usually initiated by a upset stomach. See also
Man, that Randi Roads radio show really gives me butt mud!
додав Jay Vinson 15 Листопад 2006
13 8
The splooging of the rectal cavity with enormous force resulting in brown liquid; bodily waste disfunction
Jamie's butt mud was all over his pants on the day of the parade.
I made the fattest mound.
додав Brett shithispants 22 Березень 2005
14 12