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(adj) The state of completion a pipe or other smoking device reaches once all the substance within it is reduced to ash.
Stoner1: Dude, pass the dutchie.
Stoner2: Can't man, it's cached.
додав Stridey 4 Жовтень 2003
102 24
a collection of data duplicating original values stored elsewhere or computed earlier, where the original data are expensive to fetch or compute relative to reading the cached
the site is dead but it bet its cached somewhere
додав meredith77777 27 Вересень 2005
48 18
1. The state a marijuana pipe is in after all of the green herb has been smoked.
2. A pipe full of resin.
1. "Wanna hit this? -coughcoughhackcough-"
"No dude, that shit is cached."
2. Dude, man, where's your cached pipe? I could use a resin ball right now.
додав lebowsky 12 Січень 2006
34 26
In marijuana smoking, for a bowl to be 'cached', means that it's completely ash and can't be smoked anymore.
Never hand someone a cached bowl without announcing that it's cached, it's rude and unacceptable.
Here's the bong man, it's cached but it's your turn to reload anyway.
This bowl's cached, time to reload that shit!
додав Zombiebyte 8 Серпень 2013
3 3
When you get banned from IRC for being a random
AHAHAH that stupid cunt got cached
додав Perple 31 Липень 2004
6 7
Cached is when someone pulls another person trousers down, and maybe even there boxers so you can see there penis.
Deno was walking in the park when someone ran up behind him a cached him. His trousers were down by his ankles, so were his boxers, you could see his chode.
додав jawsworth 20 Серпень 2009
4 30
What the eyes of a person look like after he/she has just smoked marijuana, bloodshot and tired.
Damn man, we smoked so much weed, your eyes are cached as hell, you should use some of my clear-eyes.
додав K. Diggity 16 Вересень 2003
22 68