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1) The act of a large group of women in one room talking and laughing loudly over everyone else.

2) The act of a large group of women bitching together.
The ladies sat at the party and cackled loudly.
додав mtothephillips 4 Липень 2010
23 22
The laughter of a witch.
Witches cackle when flying across the moonlight.
додав Jafar 20 Січень 2005
87 21
1. from 'cackela' ancient ponthian word for balls.

2. testicles, balls, two eggs in a hanky,nads, scrote, nuts
i was walkin' down the street, saw this chick & told her to play with my cackles
додав Dev_knows 11 Травень 2006
8 9
An evil laugh performed by a slightly frightful 9 year old with a plate.
додав chickensluvpie 7 Лютий 2009
14 16
To Cackle someone is to knock them to the floor with one punch.
That bloke jus got cackled
додав Gedabean 12 Травень 2009
15 23
your penis; derived from the language Jag
"I got my cackled sucked last night."
додав Jake 6 Січень 2005
14 67