A term used in the Southern vernacular denoting the act of one individual inducing the trip and fall of another in an attempt to bring physical, mental, and/or emotional anguish. To properly “shoot the cag”, one looms in on his victim from behind and when the victim’s trailing foot is in forward motion (taking its next step) the person administering the cag uses his foot to kick the victim’s moving foot into the back of the planted leg, causing a self-tripping effect. Results are most effective when running is involved.
Man, I caught Antwon running through the hall today, and I shot that cag on him! I swear that fool flew 50 ft. and busted his ass!

Antwon: Yeah, he cagged me up good..
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додав cantBfaded 26 Травня 2009
Top Definition
Noun: any fortunate event or achievement that is a result of luck.
Verb: To achieve something good or end up in some good circumstance by sheer luck.

The term has its origins in the Spanish verb "cagar" which means "to take a crap, to shit, to defacate".

In English, when something lucky happens or is accomplished, one might say that it was "pulled out of (a person's) ass". The idea is the same with "cag".
He made that shot from halfcourt and won the game. What a cag!

You didn't study and still managed to get an A on the test. You cagged out.
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додав elbombillo 06 Березня 2006
The Commander, Air Group (more commonly known as the CAG) is the senior pilot aboard a battlestar and is responsible for all flight operations by its Air Wing. The rank normally held by the CAG is Captain or Major.
Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace: You're the CAG, act like one.

Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama: What does that mean?

Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace: It means that you're still acting like everyone's best friend. We're not friends. You're the CAG! "Be careful out there?" Our job isn't to be careful, it's to shoot fracking Cylons out of the sky! "Good Hunting" is what you say. And one of your idiot pilots is acting like a child and refusing to take her pills. So she either says "Yes, sir" and obeys a direct order, or you smack her in the mouth and drag her sorry ass to sickbay and you make her take those pills!
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додав Dan Leibensperger 03 Серпня 2007

Cute Asian Girl. An Asian girl who is cute.


To meet/hook up with a cag.


Cute, Asian and female at the same time.

Meet any cags at that Asian club last night?

I'm gonna cag it up when I go to Taiwan this summer.

That girl by the sandwich line? Yea she's pretty cag I guess.
#cute #asian #girl #cag #female #attractive #blag
додав Sabakunoneji 03 Березня 2009
The name given to a set of testicles
Do that again and you'll get a boot in the cags, ya fuckhead
#nuts #balls #testicles #stones #scrote
додав pubehead 03 Квітня 2006
short for chicago, pronounced like cog
let's hit up the cag this weekend, I love the windy city
#chicago #cog #the cag #chi #chi town
додав dreadtoad 18 Березня 2010
Crazy Asian Girl Syndrome (CAGS) is a common change in the state of mind of an Americanized Asian girl between the ages of 18-24 while in a relationship. Although CAGS usually sets in at about the fourth month of a healthy relationship, it can occur anywhere from two weeks to eight months. Usually, the onset of CAGS will lead to the inevitable end of an otherwise, happy and healthy, relationship.

Early signs of CAGS may include
Trivial and arbitrary lies
Increased appetite

Full-blown CAGS may include
Trivial and arbitrary reasons to overreact, including:
Unnecessary yelling
Fraternizing flirtatiously with other males
Purposefully not answering or returning calls of partner
Calculated lies in addition to arbitrary and trivial lies
Reduced libido towards partner

Causes: Due to its fairly recent discovery, very little is known about the causes of CAGS, other than it is most common when the parnter is a caucasian male. Tests on the causes have been inconclusive because of the unpredictable nature of CAGS. "The problem lies in the jrf.jkThis article is based on the theories and speculations of two university students in California. If this article has offended you in any way, go get a sense of humor
Dude, that white girls asian girlfriend has some serious CAGS

#crazy #asian #girl #syndrome #j4f
додав Skubaz23 22 Серпня 2010
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