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Modifying your computer's case by removing the bland beige paint and painting it black with flames (or whatever you want!) adding extra fans and windows, cleaning up your inside wiring with plastic tubing, and then watercooling your CPU or videocard. Started out with Lan gaming fans who wanting to trick out thier rigs but its now spreading to the mainstream.
Did you see that case mod?
додав peeee - whole 10 Квітень 2003

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Way cooler then you'll ever be.
Dude he's so casemods.
додав rattyhandpuppet 22 Січень 2010
The epitome of worthless, internet troll, dumbass.
That guy is such a casemods!
додав M[c]S Masses 5 Липень 2009
1. The modification or alteration of a computer case.

2. To change the appearance or function of the protective casing around a computer harddrive.
n. "When Rhett had finally finished his CASEMOD, his computer was indistinguishable from a toaster oven."
додав Caltha. 21 Березень 2004
Modifying a computer to make it look cool. Generally followed by the realization that computers don't make you cool. Plastic windows so you can see your electronics, neon lights, and loud fans.
John Tolliver has a case mod. He is such a flamer.
додав Anonymous 29 Жовтень 2003