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a chad joseph is not your typical chad.. he is a breed all of his own.
a chad joseph enjoys his many hats, gray days, ridiculous awesome music (namely: afi; a day to remember; the killers...), and a heart of gold which he attempts to mask.. under one of his many hats. he loves to joke around, has an astounding poker face, and can easily see through others gray matter to see what they are really made of.
to try to fully understand him would be trying to hold the stars of the universe in your bare hands.
however while a chad joseph is made of awesome .. and epic proportions at that.. he has a downside. a chad joseph is a workaholic.. sometimes to the detriment of others. he seems to be disconnected from those who matter to him but he's thinking long term.. he's putting in his time now so they have a great life later.
relationship wise a chad joseph is a hopeless romantic at heart but only the lucky ones get to see this side of him.

he tends to be somewhat shy assessing the situation before going forward. also chad josephs are a continuous contradiction.

all this being stated if you've been lucky enough to find youself a chad joseph hang onto him with everything you are. he's someone worth fighting and if need be dying for.
erin: whoa... that ridiculously hot guy is totally checking you out!!
louisa: yea i know. that's my chad joseph...

erin: hey louisa, you talk to chad joseph today?
louisa: no. he's busy conquering the world... you know pinky and the brain style!
#hats #gray days #music #stars #hands #awesome #workaholic #totalworldomination
додав louisajane82 02 Травня 2011
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