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Noun- mental state that requires a sports fan to be so absorbed in a game, that he or she believes they are affecting the outcome of the game. A person in championship mode demonstrates devotion to their team by remaining focused on the game and staying sober.
Note: championship mode should only be used for highly meaningful regular season games and postseason games.
Mike was intense at Saturday’s game. I’ve never heard anyone so loud and he threatened to kill a FSU fan. He was definitely in championship mode.
додав mlmintampa 17 Жовтень 2006

Слова пов'язані з championship mode

euphoric excited intense jacked wild
mental state when a person is so focused on a goal, he or she performs at a skill level not thought possible.
I've been in Championship Mode all week. I aced two exams and pulled three numbers this weekend.
додав mlmintampa 15 Грудень 2008