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Female Version of a Chav
British Version for Prep

How they act:
bitchy, slutty, mean, judgmental, tight nit (only friends with other chavettes), picks on others they deem unworthy of being polite to merely for their own amusement, think they are all that and that they can beat you up, bubble heads, not to much going on upstairs (stupid), smokes and drinks, not creative, sheep (fallows the queen chavette), fallows trends of all kinds, no regard for how others feel, and rude.

What they look like (how to spot one):
Blonde, pink and white every where, sports wear or anything from the GAP, track suits for every day wear, wears only the best clothes or knock-offs of the best clothes, Low cut shirts and high cut shorts and skirts, huge hoop earrings (we are talking huge! So big that they touch the shoulders), lots and lots of jewelry (mostly gold looking), gold chain necklaces, cake face make up in pastel colors with lots of gloss and glam, Visors and base ball caps (usually white or pink), foot wear is either trainer white sneakers, flip-flops/sandals (in pink), or high heels (even on a casual day). Large sunglasses (covers entire upper face), face lift and plastic surgery (when in their teens) pushing a stroller, and lastly; she’s waving her middle finger at you.
Most of the above isn’t just one thing, it’s mostly a combo of one or more things, just because you see some one with huge sunglasses in a track suit doesn’t mean they are a chavette. Though if they also have blonde, hair huge hoop earrings and their CD player is blasting R & B, the chances are fairly big that you’re in the presence of chavette royalty.

What they listen to:
R & B, Rap, pop, hip hop, 50 cent, Dance music, Timothy Westwood. This music has quite misogynistic lyrics and is therefore is not usually liked by the female chavsters. Chavettes usually listen to whatever Diva happens to be in the top10 at the present time.

How they talk:
”chhhh u cheeeky bassterd, garantted u is a chain wearin, goff bashin, roll up
blitzer from new east basingstoke and u aint got sh!t to do apart from
reakon ur all dat wiv ur bad boi slip knott hoody and ur nose piercing, if
me and da girrlz saw u down south london town we would see fit to smack u up
and leave u lyin der in ur rude boi leather jacket and ur nutta 10ft chains
along wid ur hench drum rollup.”
Notice the poor spelling of a 5 year old, bad grammar lack of punctuation, it is all just one continuous sentence, and not to mention the fact you can’t understand any of it.
Translation: “Hey you cheeky bastard, guarantied that you wear chains, insult Goths, have a bad car and are from New East Basingstoke. You do not have anything to do apart from smelling bad with your bad-boy slip knot hoody and your nose piercing. If me and my friends saw you in south London we would see it fit to beat you up and leave you lying there in your rude leather jacket and your crazy 10ft chains along with your bad car.”
Even after translation some of the sentence structure still doesn’t make sense.
Chavette: chaaaa wot u doin wif dem bookks u tink ur so smartie for reedin y don u jus cum hav a drink wif me an my girlz insted.
Average Joe: Come again?
додав Dark_Whisper 11 Серпня 2005
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A chavette is the female equal to a chav.
They are spotted for having a council house facelift or hair tyed back with loads of mouse and or hairspray. They wear big hoop earings and necklaces with the clown or doll on. They sometimes wear 'stripy jumpers'-(fred perry, henry lloyd etc) they usually smoke fatall to teenage pregnacys and speak the chav language they also wear rockports and burberry purfume etc
додав Lucy 10 Січня 2005
A female species of the chav.
Usually has a fag in one hand and a pram in the other. Like the male version, it likes burberry(fake) and McDonalds(not inside, obviously).
A chavette will think itself as the most fasionable person around. The leader in a group of chavettes will probably be told this by her many followers. She may even have a nickname such as "Missy".
You can tell if someone is a chav a mile off. You will pribably be blinded by the bright orange glow of their hair or their fake gold jewellry from argos.
For an example of a chavette, head towards mcdonalds..
додав xXDemiXx 27 Листопада 2005
the female version of a chav.
Defining features of a chavette include, but are not limited to: bleached blonde, scraped back, gelled hair with "slut strands" hanging down the heavily madeup face. It will usually be smoking. Note the acrylic fake nails, tacky velour tracksuit, badly applied fake tan, eyebrows plucked to the point of no return and the attitude - middle finger constantly on the alert. May also smell like a combination of sex, smoke, Mcdonalds and cheap perfume. Yes, we have them in Australia too - they're not just limited to London, people. Only here we just call them skanks
додав Saren 24 Березня 2006
The female Chav will, by the time she is nine years of age have realised what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Which is, to have at least four children by four different fathers (one who will be black or Asian) by the time she is 18. She does not intend to support these children herself or ask for the fathers of the children for support but instead rely on government hand outs. A Chavette will tattoo the names of her children on her body with pride of place going to her first born. This will be written across her back just above her arse. The following names of her offspring will be recorded on her arms and will consist of names like Britney, Chelsea and other such shit.
The Chavette will no doubt have her ears pierced as many times as humanly possible and her lobes crammed to capacity with large hoop earrings. Around her neck will at least 6 or 7 gold chains of different lengths with a large clown studded with semi precious hanging on the longest one reaching down to her naval.

Diet for herself and her children consists of sausage rolls, Greggs pasties, cigarettes, coke and cheep cider.
Her Children will by the time of their forth birthday will fully versed in every expletive and curse known in the English language and will indeed be asked to recite some colourful quips to the delight of its mothers peers i.e. pusher, pimp, fellow drug user.

The chavette will be a grandmother by the time she is in her mid twenties and the wonderful Chav life cycle will start all over again.
Dont hang your washing on the line that fucking robbing Chavette bitch is on the prowl.
додав Subbaka 12 Жовтня 2006
Basically, the female version of a chav. The chavette will have at least 5 of the following characteristics; gold hoop earrings big enough for a parrot to sit on; pink/blue velour tracksuit; white trainers/stilettos; burbery anything; fag in hand; "Croydon Facelift" caused by pulling her hair into a ponytail so tightly that it stretches her face; caked on makeup; sullen look; upraised middle finger; low slung jeans; pushchair and baby.

All chavettes, regardless of weight, will be wearing their clothes at least 2 sizes too small. They will wear their tracksuit bottoms and low slung jeans in such a way that their huge gut/pregnant bump is exposed and when they bend over, their thong.

The chavette will be pregnant with her first child before she reaches 5th year; the father may or may not hang around. Some chavettes can have around 5 kids with different fathers. They will still believe that having sex while standing up will ensure that they don't get pregnant and will insist on keeping the hapless baby to ensure that they get a council house. The chavette will also be seen slapping her kids around the head and swearing at them in public.
Chavette: (to kid) Shut the fuck up, Darren!
додав I Am Deth 14 Червня 2006
Female chavs. The 14 year olds who will shortly get knocked up and spawn the next generation of antisocial Burberry-clad parasites.
'I hate that shopping centre. It's full of chavettes'
додав The Moai 19 Квітня 2005
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