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hanging, doing nothing
i'm chilling with the boys.
додав joe 4 Березень 2005
a cool way of telling someone you sat around doing nothing.
hot girl: where were you saturday?
guy: just home chilling.
hot girl: that's cool
hot girl: where were you saturday?
guy: i was sitting at home doing nothing.
hot girl: wow, you're a loser.
додав bobertdude 23 Травень 2009
1. Relaxing.
2. A conscious effort to maintain a calm demeanor or, regain composure.

Also chill'n
I figured that after things were getting heated up, I’d better be chilling before things got out of hand.
додав Apogeal 30 Листопад 2005
The act of shoving your penis deep into a snowy substance for sexual release.
hey what are you doing this weekend


додав Ilike2chill 23 Листопад 2009
just hanging out, not really doing anything exciting
chilling is all jason ever does
додав mooooorgan 24 Лютий 2012
Doing nothing without being bored.
Him: "dude, what ya doin'?"
Me: "Chilling."
Him: "Aren't you bored?"
Me: "No, I'm chilling"
додав dudewholookslikebatman 20 Липень 2013
1. Cooling a substance down in temperature.
2. The suden act of shivering due to temperature change or fever.
3. The act of riding into battle on horseback.
1. I am chilling the beers in the fridge.
2. I caught a chill when I walked outside, it's cold out.
3. "What did you do this weekend?"
"Oh, I was just chilling."

"How did it go?"

"We were victorious!"
додав Bobio101 30 Липень 2013