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A person fortunate enough to have enough money to support a steady diet of delicious cocaine.
"I had to get a third job and start turnin tricks, but it's all good because I can afford to buy another gram of booger sugar!"
додав pseudo-pseudonym 21 Березень 2004
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Someone who physically depends on cocaine.
John is a cokehead. That's why he's crazy.
додав Anonymous 21 Серпень 2003
Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Mary-Kate Olsen, etc. . .
Nicole Ritchie is so gross looking. I think she's a bonafide cokehead.
додав monica21 20 Вересень 2005
one who does cocaine
yeah his mom's a coke head.
додав Christina 15 Серпень 2004
the current president
Back in the 70's when W thought no one was looking.....
додав Ishtar Garanga 27 Березень 2003
A crackhead that won the lottery.
Those people on True Hollywood Story who won the lottery and who are now broke again because they are "cokeheads"
додав Melanie1123 12 Вересень 2008
people who blow too much yay
that kids a hella big cokehead, he drops like 1g every other day
додав Anonymous 3 Травень 2003

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