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What you do when you realize there's nothing good on TV during the day.
I've seen this episode of Maury 3 times and can't even jerk off to this trashy slut anymore, maybe I'll enroll in college.
додав doin flips n shit 28 Липень 2012
0 2
A place that I want to go to get a degree, but at the same time, I want to say "fuck you!" to my family by not going.
Son: Fuck no! I ain't going to college.
10 years later, son is a world-famous rockstar while the mom is sobbing in her grave.
додав MetalHead16 29 Січень 2011
6 8
where you party, get drunk and get laid.
Matt: I went to college, and now I'm a man!
додав Disturbia Lady 009 22 Серпень 2008
17 20
a place where you go to get drunk, have sex, learn, have more sex, drink beer, and get stoned.
I went to college with my girlfriend.
додав woohoozee 6 Лютий 2010
5 9
(1) a sarcastic name for any sort of intellectual snob, college student, or know-it-all. (2) Can also be a sarcastic retort when someone says something stupid.
person A: "There were a plethora of colors available--"
Person B: "Wait, did you just say plethora?"
Person A (snobby): "Yeah... It IS a word you know..."
Person B (sarcastic voice): "Sure thing, college!"


Person 1: "Dude, I totally just figured out the 'Sixth Sense'! Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!"
Person 2 (sarcastic voice): "Wow... way to go college..."
додав Devushka21 7 Жовтень 2008
6 12
it can be described in 3 words
beer sex and class
When we go to college its gunna be some much fun. I come home drunk, smart, and not a virgin
додав Ryan Galles 4 Квітень 2005
51 57
a place almost like high school, but the professors(teachers) don't give a shit and you pay to miss class from having a hangover. endless partying and much sex going on. oh yeah....a place of learning for a possible descent career.
I am taking human sexuality at college next semester.
додав caw'ledge 3 Травень 2003
32 38