To partake in a conversation
"You are so easy to conversate with" said Bill to Jill
додав Bengina27 03 Травня 2009
For somebody to watch others converse
Brittany's mom had to conversate her and her friend
додав HinkerDinker 28 Червня 2010
Word that ignorant reporters use in order to sound intelligent when speaking to President of the United States. Usually causes embarrasment to all those of the reporter's race.
"The two people began to conversate when the President entered."
додав Cody A. 26 Січня 2006
Having a conversation such as, to conversate.
We conversated rather than, we had a conversation.
додав xXGODLESSNESSXx 18 Травня 2008
to have a casual chat that ultimately leads to casual sex
"I wasn't cheating on my wife with her, she and I would just hang out and conversate every so often."
додав Joe Sheezy 22 Грудня 2007
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