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The state a person enters after they have already been acting crazy.
That bitch been acting crazy for weeks. Now she just a crazed ho.
додав ItsNewmanBitch 5 Липень 2010
33 4
Crunk + Blazed = Crazed

When you're crazy, drunk, and high at the same time.
That nigga ran in to the pole, he's hella crazed.
Hey guys, I think I'm a little crazed, I'm gonna nap (in the middle of the park).
додав lookslikeapuma 8 Жовтень 2005
45 30
eccentric; going insane
Kelly Steel was becoming crazed!

Alcade thought his gf was becoming crazed, but she was fine.
додав the standerbyyy 28 Травень 2011
8 1
Extremely good marijuana.
did you hit a skunk, or is that the crazed?
додав Steeys1 7 Жовтень 2010
1 3
insane cool or unbelievable
tyler: last night i drove my car into hte burger king.
me: thats crazed
додав jthmfreaker 14 Березень 2004
13 22
To be drivin insain.
SHIT! Mike Tyson bit his fuckin EAR off! He must be CRAZED!!
додав Manicpanic32 23 Серпень 2003
6 25
Crazy and Retarded
That hoe jumped off a building,she CRAZED!
додав Brittany 22 Листопад 2003
7 31