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A classy, beautiful woman. The type one can only dream of going out with.
Halle Berry's a dame.
додав venusflytrap 15 Січень 2005
598 72
An attractive woman who a guy wants to get to know. Often considered offensive by the females, unless you’re from another century.
"Holy mother of Pearl, look at that fine dame over there.."
додав Victor Van Styn 5 Серпень 2005
324 103
a term of endearment, meaning sexy.
dude, my girl is a total dame.
додав anonymousm 28 Червень 2007
109 61
A female knight of an British chivalric order.
Judi Dench became a Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1988.
додав Sir_Catherine 25 Вересень 2007
82 44
the spanish word for give me
dame lo que quiero -give me what i want
додав habana_hunni 9 Серпень 2006
150 113
An all-round awesome guy/girl. They are always kind, considerate and willing to help.
That guy is a real Dames.
додав Asgier 30 Травень 2013
10 8
an expression of dismay, akin to "damn it".
dames, i didn't know he had the shotgun...
додав [Q] 24 Грудень 2009
6 23