Top Definition
the ever popular anus
tongue-punching the dirt star, ie tossing salad
додав Sparky Fister 14 Липень 2003
ass hole
додав Anonymous 26 Грудень 2002
referencing the anus, looks like a star and is brown or dirt color
Your boss is giving it to ya in the ol' dirt star.
додав rectum nearly killed em 29 Жовтень 2006
dirtstar- the way an asshole makes a little dirty "star" when "puckered up".
"get your cat's dirtstar out of my face, plz."
додав Crowe Basalt 13 Квітень 2005
the small circular pattern left in the dirt from a sitting cat.
dude, that cat just left a beautiful dirtstar in the sand!
додав Mr Tallywhacker 20 Червень 2006
dirty asshole
You're a japanese dirtstar
додав Blaine Degen 4 Квітень 2010
an anus with fecal residue that resembles a star or star fish.
Dan had a hard time cleaning out his dirtstar after eating all that spicy chili.
додав Dirtstarr 10 Грудень 2013

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