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a cross between doll and hottie
Woah hey dollie you look great!
додав DollieKD 31 Березень 2006
A bubbly, insane long haired girly, horror movie-loving girl.
"Oh my gawd it's a Dollie! She just caught a bat!"
"With her Guinya Pigg adventure buddy!"
додав BABYBABYBBABYY 8 Березень 2009
a female who contracts every female disease known to mankind. Knows all the symptoms from doing internet research. Will go so far as to go the hospital to convince friends, family and even strangers that she is, was or is close to dying. Cures very easily and quickly by ignoring questions concerning that weeks particular disease. Usually married to Pastor Pete.
Mary pulled a dollie by going to the hospital. She is such a dollie that she went to the ER, again.
додав will b good 23 Жовтень 2011