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an animal that participates in sexual activities on stage with hookers
oh my god what is that thing shooting from the donkey onto that hooker
додав SausageMounter 2 Липень 2004
26 34
a sterling companion, of impeccable breeding and agreeable demeanour.
you are, by all standards, a donkey
додав pseudo-NYM 19 Березень 2004
7 15
The object of Weebl's affection.
I love donkey, almost much as pie.
додав wicket 9 Вересень 2003
10 18
Have a big organ
He is hung like a donkey
додав kiwikangaroo 24 Квітень 2003
5 13
a sexual position where you sit on a girl who is on all fours, and you pin a tail to her ass, like you would in a game of pin the tail on the donkey
A: whe i donkeyd my girl last night she slapped me!!!
B: why
A: she didnt like having a pin in her ass
додав The sex addict 20 Листопад 2007
8 17
something or someone that is big and goofy-looking.
"yo man that teachers hair looks like it just came out of a tornado. soo0o0o donkey."
"haha that shiit is so donkeyed out, the apple looks like oprahs saggy ass AND its blue"
додав michael oslon 27 Лютий 2007
2 11
v.) To go crazy
adj.) crazy like a donkey
"I'm gonna go donkey on ya ass!"
додав CFresh 7 Грудень 2006
6 15