down to pound
Girl : "Omg I am so dtp Brandon"
додав kkyjhrgsefdgbgd 21 Жовтня 2010
down to pound
Girl: "Oh my god, I am so down dtp Brandon"
додав klqgeieszkllh 21 Жовтня 2010
Down to plow! Much like DTF, which is Down to fuck. But much more energetic and aggressive. It is related to DTGP, which would be for females. It stands for Down to get plowed
Steven, I'm sooo DTP Jessica Alba right now!
додав Elliott Rosales 19 Травня 2008
Death To Posers; taken from a "Sadus" song called "Torture"
"dude, look at all those emo's.. we need DTP
додав Kubaben 27 Квітня 2008
(facebook) DownToPoke
are you DTP
oh yes im so Down to Poke
додав rachelbam 30 Квітня 2010
Is anyone that is down to pound or have sex.
Yo that chick was definatly "DTP" last night.
додав Shananagins 21 Січня 2008
Down to Phuck
"I heard that girl was DTP!!"
додав Adderly 29 Січня 2009
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