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A honey that's ugly.
Why you creepin with that duce nigga?
додав White boy who smokes bud 15 Липень 2003
Indicating a measurement of 200 pounds.
Is she fat?
Duce, duce and a quarter....
додав Olater 28 Вересень 2001
a weak ass gang in almaden valley who is bitched by ochos. ochos hit em and they cant handle it. the gang duce is exemplifed by the definition to drop a shit cuz they nothing but shit.
The Ochos duced on duce
додав spidaman 6 Лютий 2005
When a stupid white girl in 8th grade leaves a classroom and puts up too fingers and makes some weird expression and says duces.
While making a weird facial expression a white girl yells duces trying to act gangster.

додав A&Aducesss 10 Грудень 2008
The second hit off a bowl of marijuana, coming after greens, and before trips
"You gonna hit it man you got duces right"
додав Shizzle rizzzle 18 Листопад 2006
a card game often called duces wild
let's play some duces
додав arnise 20 Січень 2006