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Two Hollywood rappers and cracker from Oakland form one of the most outrageous hip hop acts on earth. Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy, and Dirt Nasty combine efforts to represent the Hollywood lifestyle better than Lohan and her coked out fun. With outrageous backstage antics and songs like "Last Night A BJ Saved My Life" and "My Dick", Dyslexic Speedreaders have taken the underground hip hop scene to another level.
In the Hollywood hills, swallowing pills, tipsy all scotch and whiskey sniffin' blow through hundred dollar bills. Those Dyslexic Speedreaders know how to shake the bacon.
додав Karaudio 24 Вересень 2007

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mickey avalon andre legacy beardo dirt nasty ds glam-rap legacy music shoot to kill music simon rex
a band consisting of Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, and Andre Legacy. One of their most famous songs is "My Dick".
"Did you see dyslexic speedreaders last night? they were amazing!"
додав carolinalovesit 26 Серпень 2007