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The official drink of Slimer, Ecto Cooler is a glorious Hi-C juice that came in a large can or juicebox back in the days when Ray, Egon, Venkman and that black dude weren't afraid of no ghosts! It was green so as one could simulate drinking slime, or more appropriately ectoplasm.
Yo Jimmy, my mom forgot to pack me a lunch and I see that you got two delicious Ecto Cooler juiceboxes in your Thundercats lunchbox. May I have one?
додав SLava78 22 Серпень 2006
I band formed in January 2006 from the University of Scranton. EctoCoolerOnline.com
EctoCooler can Rage!
додав EctoCooler TechDirector 7 Липень 2008
a very good shot containing:

pineapple juice
absolute mandarin

in equal parts shaken with ice
who wants to do ecto coolers?

Tastes just like the juice boxes.
додав jaxcat 3 Лютий 2010