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EH9 is the chassis code for all 1992 to 1995 Honda Civic EX Sedans released in the United States, equipped with a SOHC Vtec engine, D16Z6.
I've got an EH9 in the driveway that I'm going to turbocharge.
додав SinisterCRX 23 Квітень 2007

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Reference to the chassis code on U.S. Honda Civics 1990-1998 meaning Honda Civic 4-door with a 1.6L engine. Most common are the D16z6(1992-1995 EX models) and the D16y8(1997-1998 EX models).
Guy 1: "Sweet, I just bought a 1995 EH9 Civic"
Guy 2: "Went with the sedan huh?"
Guy 1: "Yeah, everyone has the coupes, plus sedans are badass"
додав CivicFan 8 Квітень 2009