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The act of lubing and slipping a 9-volt battery (perferably of the Energizer brand because they keep going and going) into one's own anus or the anus of an unsuspecting other while performing fellatio.
Ian was busting a move on The Palace dance floor all night. Once he got a few drinks in him he even pulled out his patented move- the electric slide, but I don't mean the dance move.

I was going down on Ian. He wasn't feeling it, so I gave him the ol' electric slide. He promptly blew his load all over my face.
#sex move #battery #electricution #gay sex #electrik slide #elektric slide #s&m #anal #butt lust #foreplay #physics #dick roll-up #hot pocket
додав The Sclitch 17 Березня 2007
When an individual does a line of cocaine in one nostril and a line of ketamine in the other.
I hit an electric slide before i went out to the club
#cocaine #ketamine #drugs #party #sniff
додав MAGIC MAN 05 Серпня 2012
When a dog (or any animal or even an unruly spouse) has an itchy anus and proceeds to drag it on the ground to soothe the burning anal itch. Typically a dog will sit down, pull the hind legs up in the air and use the frong legs to propel across the floor.
Damn, Frank had the minister and his wife over at their house, and while they were having tea in the living room, Zippy sat right in front of them and did the electric slide. How embarassing!
додав Frank Klaune 29 Березня 2005
Method of sex wherein two are loving in a bathtub while employing a glow-in-the-dark rubber. Depending on where you call home - i.e. marshy locale - you may want to poop in the tub after eating something especially disagreeable to your intestines. For best results, stir the enchanting buttpourri into the your bath evenly. Before insertion, the man will want to gyrate his hips and buttocks so as to mimic the fluid serpentine motion of an electric eel in a freshwater rivulet. This will startle the woman who will then step on the frightened "eel" mercilessly. Ironically, this makes it easier for the man to slide his flattened illuminated penis into his significant other's pruned vagina without friction.
Jeff sounded like he was going through puberty during the electric slide.
#eel #glow #penis #poop #pruned
додав shit taster 13 Вересня 2009
the act of deficating in one's own pants after being TASERED by the Police
On COPS, I some some trailer trash dude do the electric slide after resisting the police.
#taser splat #electric crap #taser poop #electric goop #poopy pants
додав Clifton Twist 07 Березня 2006
the act of deficating in one's own pants after being TASERED by the police.
I was watching COPS and some guy from the trailer park tried to fight the cops and ended up doing the electric slide.
#taser discharge #electric poop #electric skid #taser skid #taser poop #taser duece #damn that stinks
додав Clifton Twist 04 Березня 2006
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