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A body shot, usually in black and white taken in your bathroom or some other mirror then posted on the internet, usually myspace
Myspace.com addict 1: Have you posted your emo mirror picture?
Myspace.com addict 2: i have 12!
додав Spandy 29 Квітень 2005
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Photos taken in the mirror by emo kids for their myspace profiles. The subjects usually have very sad faces like they are about to cry or sing a really wussy emo kid song.
"Look at that emo mirror picture on this profile, that kid is really sad."
додав meat eaters and vegan chompers 28 Червень 2005
164 156
its just a regular picture...of a person...but some loser wanted to say that it makes you emo to do that.
yoda : emo mirror picture...its just a picture...get it through ur thick heads..geesh.
додав the better rachel 7 Квітень 2006
88 258