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To be the most epic.

1. Epic
2. Epicer
3. Epicest

E.G. - To be way better than anything else in the entire known and unknown internet.

Hey Matt , your new shirt is epicest... fosho


This cake is epicest... I can't believe it's a lie...
додав Giraffesyo 1 Вересень 2008
a word to describe something so epic that it can't really get anymore epicer.
alex made a tower of cards, it was the epicest thing i've ever seen, you totally can't beat that.
додав Rae93 18 Квітень 2009
the most epic
'i just made the epicest sandwich'
додав curlz75 4 Травень 2010
A word used to describe something that is more epic than normal. Normally used at times when normal words can not explain the epicness
After my girlfriend found out how old i really was, she respoded, "Thats the epic-est thing i've heard all day..."
додав Gravity Ninja 2 Серпень 2009