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Someone who is obese or overweight. It can also be used to insult the non-obese/overweight when insults are on short supply.
Jake; he's a fatty.
додав Ryan 6 Квітень 2004
15 20
Unattractive people who will never grace covers of magazines ( except fat people magazines) nor be professional athletes.
Look at that hot, voluptuous fat stripper. "Hey fatty, bend over a little more and I'll spot you a 10".
додав Dick Splash 10 Листопад 2003
7 12
Another name for a blow job. (Said mostly in New York)
"Bro, that girl gave me a fatty!"
додав DannyUCF 28 Травень 2007
4 10
a big butt
you got a FATTY girl!
додав babyboo 15 Квітень 2003
26 32
A title resembling Lord or Sire when preceeded by "Witty"
Witty Fatty, you have returned from your quest to the fridge.
додав fatty 24 Лютий 2003
6 12
He's not good enough for you, but he acts as if he's too good for you. If you need a visual: roll around in bed with 20 lbs. of jello.
Fatty, you are lame, Brian if you lived in Eden.
додав Fatty stole my candy 10 Липень 2008
2 9
A fatass human, FAT, overweight.
"Hey fatty, go eat a pizza!"
додав michaeL 25 Січень 2004
11 18