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A common driving position in which the driver holds the wheel with his left hand while leaning to his right toward the passenger seat, usually bobbing his head or bumpin' with the beat. It's a pretty badass way to drive. This move works best in a Chevy Caprice or any pimp-style car with a 3-person front seat.
"...with a hellafied gangsta lean, gettin' funky on da mike like an ol' bunch of collard greens..." -Snoop Dogg

Sammy was gangsta leanin' so hard yesterday that his head was partially out the passenger window. What a pimp.
додав Nick D 13 Жовтня 2003
Let me explain somthin' to all you youngsters out there. Ya'll need to listen, and be schooled. A gangsta lean is not leaning to the inside of your car, that is for pussys who are scared. The proper lean is with the right hand on the wheel, leanin' to the left, so everybody can see yo' mug. It shows that you ain't afraid, that you are on point, and that you know what the fuck you are doin', and you'z aware of your surroundings.
Them niggas that Gangsta Lean to the left got schooled on some proper shit..... from the old school gangstas.
#proper #ebonics #always #contain #education
додав Willie Spengler 26 Грудня 2005
Clownish activity practiced while driving by illiterate high school dropouts and other social misfits.
Anyone that practices the gangsta lean is proclaiming to society that he anticipates dying at a young age from stray gunfire.
Known to invite cleansing the gene pool by other gangsta leaners that practice alternate leaning styles.
Gangsta leaners often define themselves in simple, cartoonish ways that invite negative reaction, such as wearing tacky costume jewelry that they call bling and wearing pants that are too big so that their underwear shows. The latter is a particularly classless act that publicizes their pathetic attempts at trying to find some individuality in a society that penalizes stupidity and willful ignorance. "Ooh, I'm rebelling against society by expressing myself with my boxers..."
The ex-con practiced his gangsta lean while driving and his pimp walk while on foot. Those pass for exercise programs in the 'hood.
#loser #ride #pimp #felon #convict #moron #half-wit #reptile
додав adam_before_eve 18 Березня 2006
The Official Meaning: Is when you lean to either side of your ride....for "Bloods" they lean -right- / for "CRIPS" they lean left. A "GANGSTA LEAN" is used too: "Show off your RYDE" I.E.: -Hollering at females or too appear pimpish- or "To do "drugs" while driving" I.E.: -Leaning over to take a hit of "WEED" & pass it- or -to reload the clip- or "Out the window too show you ain't never scared". I.E.: -some people duck as too not be seen by others in a neighborhood-. / It also means to some as a place where "Gangsta'z" lay to rest. California was the state where the actual word "GANGSTA LEAN" Originated and was started as a way too drive your vehical too snort cocaine or smoke weed and drink liquor while driving so as too not be seen by the police patrol cars b.k.a: "ONE TYME"!

Adina Howard / Snoop Doggy Dogg / N.W.A & D.R.S - Along with many other recording artist used the word too mean different things too fit with their songs, which caused alot of confusion. TRU'Z know the true meaning which I have listed enjoy knowing the REAL..and keep "GANGSTA LEANIN'" Represent that shytt!!
William Devaughn - said it best in 1974 with the song:

"Be Thankful For What You've Got" it goes: (Diamond in the back, sunroof top, digging in the scene, with a GANGSTA LEAN....woo hoo ooo!!) Now hoo ryde that shytt ....GONE!!
#gangsta lean #gangsta leene #gangsta leanin' #gangsta leen #gangsta lean.
додав GANGSTA LEENE 28 Січня 2006
In the majority of photographs taken of gang members, the pose in which everyone or someone is leaning back, tilted somewhat to the side. The head is held high to where you can barely see the eyes, and the chin is fully exposed.
Okay everyone, say cheese and gangstalean.
#gang #red #blue #crips #nortenos #ese #vatos #homies #pitures.
додав mR.siNiSTer 09 Жовтня 2006
Dead, as in Lying in a coffin
"Peace to my homies in the gangsta lean, I'll see you when I get there"
-Big L
#gangsta #big l #harlem #139 street #lean
додав My name is Lamont, but I'm known as... 17 Січня 2006
Listen people are gettin gangsta lean wrong direction wise
a gangsta lean is when u have ur stereo bumpin nice and loud wit ur LEFT arm resting on the top of the door (where the windows come up) and layin flat back on da seat wit ur right arm on the steerin wheel and bobbin wit da beat
Homie 1: yo that looks tight driving like dat
homie 2 in car: yea its ma gangsta Lean
#leanin #pimpin #driving #gangsta #bobbin
додав Terencio 01 Вересня 2006
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