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see goober
додав stitch 10 Жовтень 2003
5 12
Slang term for a gravity bong hit.
Yo, I'm lookin' to get housed. Pull me a geeber?
додав Sam 31 Березень 2005
24 6
Somebody who is unknown to others, but feels obligated to talk shit or act a fool.
Jeff: You hear that random kid talking shit?
Nick: Nobody even knows who he is?
Jeff: What a Geeber.
додав TannerNeversoft 20 Липень 2011
4 2
One gram
hey man, you good?


Can you hook me up with a geeber?
додав ihate 2 Лютий 2010
4 3
Slang for gigabyte.
Sally: I'm going to send you some sweet pr0ns.
Billy: No, my hard drive is running out of geebers!
додав Mr. Teebers 1 Квітень 2010
1 2
A person that everyone enjoys embarrassing or insulting in a playful manner.
Cody is such a geeber geeb.
додав ILikeIke 15 Січень 2009
6 8