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vb.---the act of,"Going Ludicrous On Cunt"
Im going out to meet a whore in my desperation to gloc!
додав Drano 9 Серпень 2006
1602 65
a gun in the gangsta world
"grab your gloc when you see tupac!"
додав Ashizzle 7 Лютий 2005
84 40
Good Looking Old Chick... just like MILF but with no children... could be interchangeable with cougar
Check her out, she is a GLOC!
додав hiltonheaddiver 22 Грудень 2010
15 5
1. SUMMER IN IRVINE IS ALREADY BOMB can't wait till everyone comes backkkkk :) GLOC: Gotta Love Orange County ♥

2.I'm at fashion island in Newport beach ... Literally Everyone is white! GLOC
додав Aviraj Singh Soor 30 Липень 2012
7 4
slang word for penis
guy #1: dude did you see ethan in the locker room today?

guy#2: yeah dude he has a huge gloc!
додав hoodrat55 10 Січень 2011
2 6
Short for Great Lol of China, remake of "Great Wall of China". It's used when you find something funny (it's not that commonly used though).
Loco: What clothes does a house wear?.... Address.

Mike: GLOC! good joke man!
додав wa1 4 Листопад 2007
7 39