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Fluorescent stick bars that glow in the dark that are commonly used in the raves to create light effects while dancing by holding in the hands between the fingers.

The glowsticks are plastic capsules that conains glow items that generate light when two chemical compounds are mixed together in a process called chemiluminescense and then dilute hydrogen peroxide in a phthalate ester solvent. This process converts energy directly to light without flame or spark.
STRONGBAD -- Now lets go break open that glowstick and pour it into Homestar Runners Mountain Dew, i heard they have to pump your stomach when you drink that stuff.
додав Johanna 08 Червня 2004
A necessary tool of life. Often used durnig raves, dance parties and such.
I've stocked up on enough glowsticks for an international rave!
додав Oliver Quidgeums 03 Грудня 2005
a small plastic stick filled with goop which glows for about 6 hours. used by ravers and given out at festivals and concerts.
- man i look so cool dancing with my glowstick
- dude let's pour glowstick fluid on us, then we can glow all night!
додав ellie 27 Серпня 2003
A tubular device that exhibits chemoluminescence. Often seen at clubs and raves, can be used in a variety of ways, including on the end of a string, swung in intricate ways to form fluid trails of light. A stick's construction is from clear or frosted or coloured plastic, containing a glass vial of hydrogen peroxide, which is snapped to activate, allowing the chemicals to mix. The rest of the stick is filled with a phenyl oxalate ester and a fluorescent dye that gives coloured light when mixed.
The glowstick gives off a bright light, and is cold to the touch, making it very safe. It can be used as an emergency light as they are not dependant on a power source, carrying their own.
dude, check that guy rippin' it on sticks! that guy has sick skills!

hey, crack one open and get down with it!
додав tranced out pete 14 Липня 2005
A very fun thing that is commmon at raves. Comes in many colors. Doesn't last long, though
Oooh boy do I love my glowstick
додав DizzyLizzy 26 Грудня 2006
Amazingly, one of the most misunderstood items that can be bought at your local convince store. The actual item can be used for art forms, awesome dance moves, or a helpful survival item in the dark. The most common kind is made of a 5-6 inch tube made of frosted plastic, containing a smaller glass tube inside, each containing a separate chemical. You "crack" open the class tube on the inside of the plastic when you bend the glowstick, causing the chemicals to react within the tube, casting a glow of color that can last anywhere up to 6 hours to 10 hours. Also comes in a long, tubular type casing that when cracked, can be used as a bracelet or necklace.

Commonly seen in a rave or party type setting, the glowstick is sadly associated with drugs such as LSD, that alter your perception and cause an otherwise common glowstick to seem "fuzzy" or seem like it leaves paths in the air. While glowsticks can and are used for this reason at some raves and some parties, there are those that use glowsticks for art styles and for common entertainment, along with an emergency light source should all power suddenly go out and every battery in the house be rendered useless. Also just a fun thing to have around the house, because they commonly cause bouts of staring at the addictive glowing lights.
Paul: Yeah, I got like a box full of glowsticks in my closet in case we get bored and want to glowstick a bit.

John: GLOWSTICKS?!? Druggie....
додав Nicetry2352q1631265 17 Грудня 2007
Accessory for the raver and tool for the survivalist.

Comes in many forms, but predominantly a small 4 or 6 inch stick filled with a fluorescent fluid that gives off a small amount of light for about 6 hours.

Alternatively available in thin tube form, to wear as bracelet or necklace.

Ravers use this for the the visual effect while clubbing on MDMA (extacy) or other party drugs. The drugs cause dilated pupils altering the light perception, this makes the glow stick appear fuzzy and motion-blurred.

Overall, it's a fun toy while off your face. Very handy when raving in the woods and you can bugger all once off the dance floor.

To non-pilling dope-hating fiends (the self-proclaimed normal people), it makes you look like a hippy moron that enjoys playing with a stick. The morning after, you feel that way too.
hippy moron to complete stranger: oh man - I'm well fucked... I think I'll go dance a bit... wish I had some glowsticks... you don't have any glowsticks do you.... No? ... that's okay... gimme a hug....
додав Freekb 29 Грудня 2003
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