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A wondrous substance used primarily for testicular stimulation despite the purpose printed on the bottle (it's just a cover-up).
Do you wanna throw on some gold bond? It feels like a thousand angels blowing on your balls.
додав goldbondtony 4 Серпень 2005
Vagisil, but for men.
Gold Bond is God's gift to man.
додав kxso 19 Жовтень 2006
A miracle powder that can best be described as "A tropical breeze on your nutsack!" The perfect cure for sweaty balls. However, recreational use is encouraged. Especially effective if applied immediatly after showering.
Its been such a bad day that all I want to do is go home, shower, and enjoy that nice tingle on my balls after I goldbond
додав Pinocha Deac 15 Листопад 2006
a golden breathmint for your balls
i had a serious case of the swampnuts until i threw some gold bond down my shorts
додав dragonschld 12 Червень 2008