Stealing many cars and being chased by the police. People with guns or gangsters tend to do this. Or: Hotwiring an unlocked car and escaping the police. Or Just the process of stealing a car and commiting crimes all at once
Tommy:(Knocks person out of car)
Tommy: whoo! freakin grand theft auto'd that guy
додав Nikko 27 Квітня 2005
The game that turns even the most intelligent and polite guys into angry fools as they scream about failing another mission involving shooting hookers and crack addicts.
Hey, did you hear about that kid Leroy?
Nah, what's wrong?
He hasn't left his house for two weeks and his girlfriend issued a missing person's report. Turns out he's just been playing GTA San Andreas the whole time.
додав C-notezzz$$ 07 Липня 2005
A game series created by rockstar games. The first and second GTA games are for playstation, dreamcast, and Gameboy Advance. The better of the series is GTA3 and later.

GTA3 takes place at Liberty City in 1997. Liberty City is New York in our world.

GTA4 takes place at Vice City in 1986. Vice City is Miami in our world.

GTA5 takes place at San Andreas in 1992. San Andreas is Los Angeles in our world.

In GTA 4 and 5, they named it "Vice City" and "San Andreas" instead of 4 and 5, I guess it sells better like that.
GTA6 comes out october 2005.
додав Reggaetonist 28 Грудня 2004
A game that people play to make themselves feel important when they aren't. Highly overrated by the public. Winning awards it may have otherwise not have had it not been for the mass killing sprees and liscensed music involved in the game.
Person A: I love Grand Theft Auto and shooting all thems people up!
Person B: Man Grand Theft Auto sucks ass.
додав Gabriel C. 10 Серпня 2005
The most overrated series of video games ever, because it allows nerds to look like big, bad, guys to be a criminal who steals shiny cars, kills hookers, and has sex, all in their imagination. Awww! And Hot Cofee is just as overrated, we neeed to let that go too. Critics only like it and inflate all the scores because of the same reason as nerds, it's unique, you are notthe bad guy in real-time shooters. So yeah, please, for the love of god, look past the influence, and see the real falws, GFX suxks, Controls suck, Music is only ok, So who cares about hot cofee, I don't find the girls in that game hot.
Rating: 6.5/10
GTA is sooo overrated.
додав Pimp-Slapped Soccer Mother 17 Серпня 2005
A virtual crime simulator.
Guy: Holy motherfucker is that Grand Theft Auto? Can I play?
Guy 2: Oh hell no boy! I'm about to fuck this ho in my car.
додав BadboopBadabeep 05 Червня 2016
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