An automotive mechanic.

The word can be derisive or affectionate.
My brother in law is a grease monkey. He repairs Fords, so he always has plenty of work.
додав The Wog Whomper 11 Травень 2005
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Motor Mechanic
додав J. Michael Reiter 30 Червень 2003
mechanic, or mechanically minded person
I got the grease monkey to fix my car
додав bobbo 6 Червень 2003
A Mechanic
додав Ferg 30 Червень 2003
a mechanic who works with and repairs automobiles.
If you don't get to a grease monkey soon, you'll be up a creek without a paddle.
додав The Return of Light Joker 29 Січень 2011
Someone who goes in and gets things done. A finisher. A closer. An ace in the hole.
Yo you just paid off that bouncer? Way to take care of business greasemonkey.
додав tha h00tman 10 Червень 2011
Cool extension for firefox. Let's you run user scripts, that modify how a web page acts.
I use Greasemonkey in Youtube, I use a script that runs vids in HD automaticly.
додав TheChosenBoy 12 Лютий 2009

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