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A type of music-
German Rock
Dude! Rammstein is my favorite G-Rock band ever.
додав Sukai 26 Січень 2008
4 4
One gram rock cocaine
додав Lehem 18 Жовтень 2003
11 11
Grungy socks. Very dirty or crusty socks. Usually worn more then a day at a time.
Person 1: What is that smell?!

Person 2: I think it's zak's yellow grocks!
додав shadyops 22 Лютий 2010
3 4
The method of foreplay whereby the leading particapant penetrates female genitalia with their 3rd and 4th fingers, forming the 'rock on' hand gesture. This allows for some wild G-Spot hitting, allowing maximum flexibility and improved stimulation. Can also be performed using just the middle finger for the tighter among us.
'Dude, last night Tom G-Rocked me so hard; I've never come so quick'

'Man I know! Where did he learn that shit?!'
додав grock247 22 Жовтень 2009
4 5
Combination of the words great and rocks. Is meant to denote something so exciting/awe-inspiring that not just one of those above words will suffice.
"Dude, you finally got an internet connection in your room?"

"Yeah, it fucking grocks!"
додав Scarecrow 24 Березень 2005
4 16
a shortening of "geek rock"-- original songs relating to a fandom. for example, "Harry and the Potters" write grock.
She began an epic grock song about Spike and Buffy.
додав honeynutcheerios 7 Жовтень 2009
5 33
A Grock is a chinese Glock.
Cho Seng Hui had a grock.
додав poopsta 9 Жовтень 2007
27 65