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One of the top Warcraft III players.
Grubby pwnzor!
Nah he haxor.
додав Drakkisath 20 Вересень 2005
Grimy, dirty.
Such a grubby household.
додав Larstait 6 Листопад 2003
Hungry, Person wanting to get some grub.
"John's getting grubby, thinking about the wings at the bar."
додав Dudevondudenstien 25 Серпень 2011
term used to descirbe gross things/people
orignated in point lookout new york
her toes are soo grubby
додав haaaay gurl haaaayyyyy 5 Червень 2011
Something you yell at your wife before you fix something in the house.
Kath, Grubbies! Grubbies Kath! KATH, GRUBBIES!
додав scotrussian 29 Грудень 2008
Good way to define trailer trash or pikeys(uk).
That family is grubby
додав L_Z 19 Січень 2005
When someone looks "grubby", meaning gross.

Refers to there physical appearance.
Ashley: "What are you wearing?"

Brooke: "Sweats and a hoddie; I'm grubby today."
додав missbrooke 28 Грудень 2011

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