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Those annoying little fucks in Halo.
Try not to waste your shotgun ammo on Grunts. They're not worth it.
додав Kevin Martin 7 Травень 2004
86 54
little dog-like aliens in Halo that is used as cannon fodder. since they are cowardly from their small size it is fairly humerous to kill them in mass.
I slaughtered a pack of grunts with a single grenade.
додав Crazy Carlos 18 Лютий 2004
99 78
The noise one makes when entering work and acknowledging co-workers. The grunt is understood between the two, and is usually stands for "fuck, another day at this shitty place!"
When I saw Fred as I walked into hell...I mean work, we looked at each other and grunted. He must be disgruntled too.
додав ocu-pie 4 Травень 2003
46 30
To emit excretement.
"Wait up, I have to go take a grunt."
додав x 22 Січень 2003
93 79
1) grunt (noun), a contraction of 'greedy cunt'

2) to grunt (verb), the act of being definition 1
1) Bale, stop cramming so much swiss roll in your mouth you grunt!
2) Look at Ellis grunting with his four ham and cheese toasties
додав LewRob 27 Квітень 2011
14 5
Grunts.... Age of the Corps, 234 years of ass kicking, ball busting, days of death and destruction. Where every day's a holiday and every meal's a feast. We are A.L.I.C.E. pack operated, M.R.E. feed, beer cooled, green amphibious monsters who thrive on war. GRUNTS, Ooh-Fuckin-Rah!!!
Those Marine grunts are some baaaad motherfuckers!
додав USMC MARC 4 Лютий 2010
20 12
To break wind. Slang term from England.
Um.. Pete, have you just grunted?
додав ManofG 30 Листопад 2007
14 7