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Basically "Don't touch my stuff, punk."

Person A: Dude, awesome iPod!! (reaches for iPod)

Person B: Hey buddy, hands off the merchandise!
додав underdawg 11 Листопад 2006

Слова пов'язані з hands off the merchandise!

anthing here i can't keep yer paws to yerself lay off leave me alone no mr. touchy mcfeely quit it think of to put
Hands off the merchandise!

A protest/order uttered by one of either gender when someone else (usually of the opposite gender) wants to indulge in a little touchy-feely, but he’s not in the mood.
Weary girl (pushing her guy's "exploring" hand away from her boobs): Hey! Hands off the merchandise! I wanna go to sleep now!
додав QuacksO 28 Листопад 2011