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how does that make you feel

a very commonly used phrase within the essex community- england <3


girl- HDTMYF

boy- lol, like ive won this round :)

girl-hahah (Y) WIN
додав Jessica&Sagar 2 Квітень 2010

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acronym bull does feel friends hdymyf how lol make person professor rofl that you
An acronym created by a group of friends to laugh at, as they heard idiots in the hall say "lol" and "rofl".

HDTMYF = How Does That Make You Feel?!
Person 1: "This is such bull. My professor is a total jackass who deprived me of my A!"
Person 2: "hdtmyf?"
Person 1: "Dude really?"
Person 2: *nods*
Person 1: *looks down defeated* "Makes me feel like a complete nerd."
додав Chingrato 12 Грудень 2009