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term that defines the feelings of confusion and excitement people have between thanksgiving and christmas; the blur one feels after/during shopping for gifts in crowded retail stores with heavy holiday traffic
Finley sat on the couch in a holidaze, after a day of hectic Christmas shopping on Black Friday.
додав Ella123 27 Листопада 2005
A word pot smokers and stoners use to describe April 20th also called 420, now known as national pot-smoking day.
"What are your plans for the holidaze?"
"Man come over I bought like a pound of weed to celebrate."

"Dude we were so high on 420"
"I know we smoke like 10 blunts!"
"Shiiiiitt we did...I love the holidaze."
додав Ana-Stoner-Stacia 02 Травня 2008
The feeling of utter exhaustion, usually the evening of Christmas. Caused by mass amounts of stress and leading up to a final relaxation once the day is over.
Paul: Hey, what's up with Megan?
Jason: Oh, after wrapping presents for the kids and cooking Christmas dinner for the family she's in a holidaze.
додав Melanie T 25 Грудня 2008
It's the feeling of dread hanging over you when you have to go to work on a federal holiday because your company skimps on holiday pay and only offers the "6 major holidays". This is usually triggered by seeing your spouse still in bed as you head out the door to work. Holidaze may be accompanied by bitterness and envy.
Sara didn't want to go to work today. She made lots of noise getting ready to rouse her sleeping husband, kicked the cat, and silently prayed for a cable outage so that her husband would be bored all day. Sara has a serious case of holidaze.
додав G-hak 15 Лютого 2010
A term used as slang referring to April 20th. This day is recognized by the stoner subculture as a day on which you should consume copious amounts of marijuana.

April 20th became this unofficial holiday because of its numerical representation, 4/20. This number coincides with the time of day widely recognized as an ideal time in the afternoon to consume marijuana, 4:20 pm.

The state of being in which people find themselves in soon before, on, or soon after a major holiday. It involves feelings of confusion, anxiety, depression, and rage. It is believed to be brought on by the gathering of large amounts of family members or the general stress associated with major holidays.
"This definition took an hour to write because I chose to write it on April 21st, and I am still recovering from the holidaze."

"Christmas needs to hurry up and get done with. I've been stuck in a holidaze for 2 weeks."
додав fdp2k3 21 Квітня 2010
any and all holidays where the only way to celibrate it right it to get completely trashed or stoned
my favorite holidaze are st pattys day, hollaween(see def.), christmas, and thanksgiving
додав Kelly 30 Жовтня 2003
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