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a woman who dresses in tight clothes and wears a large amount of makeup
Damn! Did you see Mindy with her titty hanging out on the dance floor? What a hoochie...
додав Angel 26 Квітень 2005
481 322
a female who appears to match a set of characteristics including: trashy, often inappropriately tight dress (with or without pudge overflowing waistband); eyebrows shaved and penciled back on in dramatic fashion; heavy, mostly monotonic makeup with dark lipstick; large, gaudy, costume-grade jewlery. Frequently accompanied by multiple children from different fathers (see baby-daddy).
"Damn, did you Estela's sister at the sideshow last night? Sportin' a camel toe through her jeans, cornrows, you know she's a straight-up hoochie"
додав Jay-dub 19 Травень 2004
1777 489
A woman usually defined as being a promiscuous or other wise a slut. To be a true hoochie, a woman must be labled by a collection of other jealous females.
Did you see what Yolanda was wearing. All the guys were staring at her ass hanging out of those dukes. She is such a hoochie.
додав javaboy 24 Січень 2003
827 442
a girl/woman who advertises herself in such ways: small, tight clothes, sometimes no clothes, has a lot of public sex, slutty, too flirtatious, or a prostitution. Most of the time, has a negative reputation.
There was a hoochie walking down the hallway at school today.
додав Hol Marie 24 Жовтень 2005
296 246
A female who dresses up and/or acts in an improper manner in order to gain the attention of males. Also known as a "slut" or hoe in some circles. Hoochies are often needy, annoying, loud, abnoxious and think their shit dont stink. They live of recieving attention. AKA Attention Whore
Yo that girl's straight Hoochie Status right now
додав DjKlutch 20 Жовтень 2010
102 70
SLutty chick who bums drinks off men at the bar and lives with her estranged babys daddy rent free in a shitty town. Easy to identify because they call other chicks Hoochies when theyare in fact the queen hoochie.
"Look at Beth, she's over there bummin drinks again. What a fuckin Hoochie Mama"
додав Mayor of Malone 11 Січень 2011
28 28
You must steer clear of hoochies man! They are usually Black and from the ghetto (projects or section 8 communities). They wear crazy hairdoos, crazy clothes, jewelry and occasionally grills or gold fronts (those are the most dangerous). They take your money and get you in beef with other dudes! They live for drama (epitome of "drama queen") and lure you with their big apple bottom then tease you with their banged up coochie to get money, cars, jewelry and clothes from you. If you get one pregnant, you fucked up and you're fucked for a long time.
Javaris: Latisharashondisha is a hoochie ass bitch man, she got TayTay shot up last week because several of her ex boyfriends were the entire Blood gang. She even stole the money outta dudes' house after she found out he was in the hospital!

Jerome: Cot damn brah! Guess I gotta move to another state cause I smashed that yesterday!

Javaris: She got that Killa Pussy brah.
додав Timdot 17 Травень 2008
54 59