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The most boring phrase you can start up your online converstation with. Often used when you don't want to talk to someone, but feel that you need to because they are online.
<CuTe BaYbEe> Hi
<Sabs> Hiya
<CuTee BaYbEe> How r u?
<Sabs> ok
*Sabs appears to be offline*
додав Sabarbar 20 Травень 2004

Слова пов'язані з how r u?

bye goodbye hello hey heyhaba how are you howsupz how you? r wassup? whats up?
The most annoying question one could ask on MSN Messenger because it is a fact that no one in the world gives a rat's ass about your day or your life.
<JuxtaFudge> Hai
<''heck''> Hello
<JuxtaFudge> how r u?
*''heck'' appear offline and may or may not reply*
додав Bastardized Bottomburp 23 Червень 2003