1. Actor who plays Wolverine in X-Men
2. That guy who was labeled "Wolverine" on your can of Dr. Pepper some time earlier this year.
Hey, did you see that new X-Men movie?

Yeah, with Hugh Jackman?

No, the OTHER new X-Men movie.


додав Maggy 25 Червня 2003
Top Definition
gorgeous, amazingly talented Aussie actor who is currently starring in the Boy from Oz on broadway (in which he is AWESOME). Gorgeous body, very manly-man.
Couldn't wait to get my shirt off again, huh?
додав kerplunkymunky 03 Березня 2004
-Sydney, Austrailian born actor (October 12, 1968) who started out on Broadway playing shows like "Sunset Blvd" (which is supposed to be a movie with Hugh and Ewan McGregor soon) and playing Gaston in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."

-Has a communications degree and has been professionally trained to dance and sing.

-Used to star in a TV series called "Correlli" where he met his wife, director Deborrah Lee-Furness.

-Adopted 2 children, one son, Oscar Maximillian (2000) and recently Ava Eliot (July 2005).

-Most noted for playing the role of hottie rough and rugged brutish Marvel Comics action hero, Wolverine in "X-Men," "X2," and up-coming "X3" and "Wolverine" the spin-off of the X-Men movies.

-Was up for the role of "The Punisher" of the movie of the same title, but was filming another movie--"Van Helsing" and was replaced by Tom Jane.

-Convinced fellow X-Men star Halle Berry show her boobs in their movie "Sword Fish" (which means any guy who drooled over that scene owes Hugh for that).

-Was up for the lead in the movie "Chicago" but turned it down and was replaced by Richard Gere.

-Turned down the role of James Bond 007 even though he was the #1 choice after Pierce Brosnan was fired.

-Is both a successful action and romantic comedy star (ie his role in X-Men and his Golden Golbe nomination for "Kate and Leopold" with Meg Ryan).

-The role of "Van Helsing" was specifically written for him by "Mummy" director Stephan Sommers, note the parallels between Van Helsing and Wolverine (both can't remember their past and have been mentioned to live a long life through a century or so, both become part wolf in some way, both spend their time fighting off evil and trying to find out who they are, both are chased by people who want to kill them).

-Refused to appear nude in a scene in X-Men where Wolverine has a flashback where he escapes from the laboratory...

-YET appeared nude at the end of "Van Helsing" where he howls at Kate Beckinsale dying, HOWEVER the director changed his mind at the last minute and put a digital loin cloth over Hugh before the film came out because Hugh's nudeness would distract from the seriousness of Beckinsale's death.

-Has been named one of People magazine's Sexiest Men alive mulitple times.

-Has won a Tony award from his role in "The Boy From Oz" and hosted the Tonys consecutive times.
Ex. Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, and Russel Crowe are noted to be the hottest stars out of Austrailia.
додав LoganLesnarMarvel 24 Серпня 2005
the hottest man alive! (played wolverine in x-men) the only man who deserves the title of 'sex-god'
hugh jackman is so hott!
додав im a mutant 30 Травня 2003
the best name if you are in a porno flick
i just watched a movie and hugh jackman was in it
додав irishmoron 29 Травня 2005
Hugh Michael Jackman is an Australian actor, producer, and singer involved in film, musical theatre and television.
Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as superhero, period, and romance characters.
Chosen as one of People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World 5 years in a row, 2000-2004 and was chosen as People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive of 2008.
1) Hugh Jackman is always so damn handsome, sexy & heartthrob. Phenomenally talented actor, dashing and devoted man.
2) Hugh is one of those ridiculously hot men who just look like a movie star all the time.
3)Hugh's really beefcake, hunk & ripped.
додав posh21 14 Листопада 2014
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