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the act of being humble while having a sense of humility.
I kept a state of humbility, while I spoke with the president.
додав Ryan Maffett 21 Квітень 2008
The continuous process of being humble
He showed so much humbility even after receiving the award.
додав lumzeegates 19 Травень 2013
N. The Abilty to be humble
Evan "I think the most important virtue is humbility"
Makan: "wait... are you serious?"
Evan: "what?"
Makan: "do you mean humility"
Evan: "I'm pretty damn sure humbility is a word, bro"
додав E-Hippo 3 Квітень 2009
The aility to be humble.
Yo man. Fahim has big humbility yo.
додав Dahliaaa Noodle 12 Травень 2006