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to love someone with more passion than they love you with
boyfriend:i love you
girlfriend: i love you harder

(or vice versa, not to be confused with a sexual joke)
додав fmlman 9 Жовтень 2009

Слова пов'язані з i love you harder

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When it's more than just a regular love, When you love a person enough to cut someone open and drip candlewax into their wound all for the person you love.
Person 1: I love you.
Person 2: I love you harder.
Asshole : Haha, Person 1's a bitch.
Person 2: *grabs Asshole and throws him to the ground. He then pulls out a razor blade. Person 2 cuts that presons arm open. He then pulls out a candle and a lighter. He drips candle wax into the guys wond. Then walks away*
додав uru1993 12 Квітень 2008